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Terveystalo, the largest healthcare service company in Finland, trusts Ropo Capital and its expertise when renewing its invoice lifecycle management system. Ropo Capital won the tender over leading service providers in the field. Terveystalo will be Ropo Capital’s biggest customer in the health sector.

Terveystalo has grown to become the largest healthcare service provider in Finland. It wants to remain at the leading edge of development and utilise cutting-edge technology not only when producing new service experiments but also in its internal processes and their optimisation. By inviting tenders regarding the different financial management segments, it wanted to ensure that the solutions used support the Group’s business in the best possible way in terms of invoicing, receivables management and overall reporting.

– The new partner will help Terveystalo to develop its financial processes further while paying particular attention to transparency and monitorability. Ropo stood out due to, inter alia, its comprehensive reporting tools and innovative pricing model. We found Ropo’s solution the most economically advantageous, says Ilkka Laurila, CFO at Terveystalo.

Efficiency and quality benefits

Ropo Capital’s service solution is based extensive automations and digitisation, and customised specifically for Terveystalo. Digitised invoice lifecycle management system improves efficiency and quality, and enables automated reporting.

– We strive to provide comprehensive solutions that are competitive and add value to the customer. Technological expertise and effective process digitisation are our most important competitive assets. In fields where invoicing involves a lot of customisation and other special requirements, we are in our element, describes Mikko Uotinen, Account Director at Ropo Capital.

Challenger’s role as an advantage

Terveystalo’s entire receivables management was transferred to Ropo Capital in early 2016. The deployment was extensive but quick – customised solution was launched following Terveystalo’s tight schedule.

– Rapid deployment according to the agreed plan was a clear manifestation of Ropo’s service promises and process management. The deployment was carried out on time and completed as agreed, Laurila confirms.

For Terveystalo, who continues its strong growth strategy, a partner such as Ropo Capital, a technological forerunner and challenger in its own field, was a natural choice. Ropo Capital counts on its own domestic software production and shakes up the industry with its IT expertise.

– We feel that as a challenger, Ropo shares the same hunger for growth and development as Terveystalo. From our point of view, a situation where a service provider wants to prove its competence is an ideal one. Strong IT processes also are a definite advantage, Laurila concludes.

Expansion into health sector

Size-wise, Terveystalo is Ropo Capital’s biggest customer in the healthcare service sector. As the leading occupational healthcare service company in Finland, Terveystalo provides occupational healthcare to nearly 500,000 Finns. About 10% of all medical consultations in Finland are now conducted at Terveystalo. In 2015, that translated into more than 4 million patient visits and 2.5 million consultations.

– Terveystalo is an important reference and a major stepping-stone to the health sector. We have the necessary know-how in terms of specific characteristics and our service concept is replicable to organisations of many sizes. Over the next few years we are looking for strong growth in the health services sector, Uotinen of Ropo Capital comments.

– In health sector, customers appreciate automated invoice lifecycle management and resource savings, a faster receivables cycle and uniform processes from invoicing and ledger service all the way to payments monitoring and debt collection, Uotinen says.

Invoicing volumes on the rise

Compared to many of its competitors, Terveystalo is a young company. Growth for the leading Finnish healthcare service provider happened in the 2000s, for 15 years. The Group is a result of many company acquisitions, which have also led to the expansion of its services. Presently Terveystalo is moving towards oral health services, where it plans to become the first truly nationwide dental clinic chain in Finland.

Inorganic growth has been noted in the partnership between Ropo Capital and Terveystalo. The health service giant has performed over 130 acquisitions and also plans to continue on that path in the future. For Ropo Capital, this means considerable growth in the material under its management.

– We plan to unify processes used in different Terveystalo entities. If the cooperation between Ropo and us works as intended, we would like to include any new parts of our organisation under Ropo’s services. The harmonisation of processes is a natural way to expand the cooperation, Laurila says.

Terveystalo and Ropo Capital are committed to long-term cooperation, which contributes to Terveystalo’s growth and competitiveness in the private healthcare sector.

Terveystalo is the largest healthcare service company in Finland. We offer versatile healthcare, occupational healthcare, medical and examination services in nearly 170 clinics throughout Finland. Our customers include private individuals, companies and communities, insurance companies and the public sector. Terveystalo is the 15th largest employer in Finland with almost 6,500 healthcare professionals on its payroll. As the leading occupational healthcare service company in Finland, Terveystalo provides occupational healthcare to nearly 500,000 Finns. www.terveystalo.com

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