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Attendo, a care and healthcare service provider, has outsourced its invoice delivery and receivables management to Ropo Capital. Ropo’s invoice lifecycle service solves the challenges Attendo has faced in debt collection, and offers versatile tools for real-time monitoring of the receivables.

The project aims at improving the collection process and making payment control an integral part of invoicing. The solution designed for Attendo includes invoice delivery, credit management, investigation of unclear payments, and debt collection. In addition, Ropo Capital is in charge of invoice payment-related customer service.

– It all just clicked into place. The price was competitive and we got our process problem solved – payment control and debt collection are now an integral part of invoicing. All invoicing-related processes have been rebuilt, automated and tested. For us this is a big, positive change, which also translates into savings, says Merja Saurus, CFO at Attendo.

– The reform was really easy for us and the whole process was amazingly painless. I’m extremely pleased with Ropo’s know-how and commitment, Saurus continues.

Attendo is the biggest care and healthcare service provider in the Nordic Countries. It has more than 20,000 employees in over 500 facilities throughout the Nordic region. In Finland, the company’s turnover is approximately EUR 440 million. Ropo Capital has been responsible for Attendo’s invoicing from March 2017.

– Cooperation with Ropo sharpens our business. The biggest difference is that we no longer need to worry about payment control ourselves. It is also a cash flow issue. With private customers, it is important to react to overdue invoices quickly and to have an automated process in place. In case of municipal customers, the sums are often big, and for cash flow’s sake it is crucial to receive the payments on time. Efficiency and speed play an important role, Saurus points out.

BI reporting supports business

Attendo is one of the first customers whose lifecycle solution includes the BI reporting service developed by Ropo Capital. It is a receivables monitoring and cash flow forecasting tool designed especially for the management. The service displays in real time the amount of unpaid invoices, their status, and when the receivables are expected to be repatriated. The service is part of the Ropo 24 solution.

– Business unit managers are able to see the real-time invoicing situation, and respond and react to customer inquiries better than before. In the past, it was virtually impossible to produce such information for the different business units. This also contributes to improving the customer experience, says Saurus.

– Earlier we had to run outstanding balances one group company at a time and calculate in Excel the total amount of receivables. Now, real-time monitoring is handled through Ropo 24, and thanks to the new BI service, financial data is better embedded in everyday business, Saurus praises.

Henry Pärssinen, Account Director at Ropo Capital, believes that real-time monitoring solutions will become increasingly important in the future.

– A digitised invoicing process is effective and optimises the accounts receivable cycle. In addition to an effective invoicing system, companies are able to utilise customer data derived from invoicing in a more active manner. Real-time monitoring allows for quicker responses and better customer understanding. It is an important aspect of competitiveness, Pärssinen specifies.

Attendo is the leading care and healthcare provider in the Nordic Countries. The company was founded in 1985. In addition to the elderly, Attendo provides services in care for the disabled, recovering psychiatric patients, and people and families needing assistance. In the healthcare sector, the company offers a wide range of primary and specialised care services throughout Finland. Attendo has more than 20,000 employees in more than 500 facilities situated in over 200 locations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. www.attendo.fi

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